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  • What to Wear on Your Honeymoon

    Now more than ever you have the ultimate excuse to rip each other’s clothes off at any time of day.

    Depending on your personal style, there are literally endless styles and colors to choose from when choosing how to tease your man, so here are a few of Colette & Sebastian’s favorites.

    What to Wear on Your Honeymoon

    It has happened! The big day has passed! You are MARRIED. Congratulations :)   This is a moment that has been building up for months, and you, your hubby, and...

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  • The Right Way to do Lingerie on Your Wedding Day
    A wedding dress of course is something you pick for you above all else. But its also picked to make sure you look and feel like the most glamorous one in the room because this day is about you. A major component of this, however, is the beauty of what is underneath the dress. What no one else can see but you.
    The Right Way to do Lingerie on Your Wedding Day

      The dress worn on your wedding day is something many women have day dreamed about since they were young. Will it be long or short? White or ivory? Mermaid...

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  • Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings

    At only 23 years old with her own company, Colette brings a new meaning to the phrase "Girl Boss," as she breaks into the New York Fashion scene with her...

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