Brand owner and all-around Girl Boss Colette broke out onto the New York fashion scene with her premier line of luxury intimate apparel. Colette is no stranger to the hustle and competition of New York City, where she was born and raised.  The daughter of two hard working immigrant parents from Iran, Colette has always had business management in her blood.  Having been raised in a conservative Middle Eastern community, she pushed the limits to create her own lingerie brand and start her own company, inspired by her parents who both came to the US and grew successful businesses on their own.  With the natural drive for success running through her veins, she earned her three business majors in economics, finance, and international business.  Colette persevered but didn’t stop there.  She knew it was time to combine her business skills with her artistic passions to take something that could go from the bedroom to the boardroom.  Because she grew up in such a conservative community she knew the challenge she would be up against but Colette had to follow her ambitions and would not stop until she achieved them.  Not only did she launch her own company, but she has promoted her brand solely on her own with the support of her own father, right by her side, mentoring her along her journey to success. Colette’s unique statement of style tears up the established rulebook in the pursuit of the sublime.  She has built a new foundation for design that is eclectic and awe inspiring.  Her keen eye to confidence transverses each collection under her Colette & Sebastian brand and appeals to the modern day marvel of a woman, both feminine and empowering.  Colette & Sebastian was created to share passion and uniquely inspired creations with the world.  Each collection speaks to a woman’s innate desires; to be bold, alluring, beautiful, inspiring, and powerful: the ultimate muse.  As the company has flourished Colette’s passions have grown with it.  Being able to use your vision to give other women confidence and happiness is the true reward of her success story.  Women come to her specifically for special occasions; everything from first dates to their wedding days.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Colette has specifically chosen to work with smaller, women-owned factories in lesser known cities in Europe and South America to empower and support their businesses.  What’s more, it is Colette’s passion to use her success to help mentor other women who are looking to start their own business while also contributing to charities for women empowerment.