Mother's Day is on it's way, and we have a few suggestions for your super-mom! She deserves a special gift that compliments how bold, strong, and beautiful she really is. Since she spends a lot of time on everyone else so... today is ALL for her!

   Send her a Colette and Sebastian chemise or bra and panty set! She'll slip on her new favorite pieces and truly feel her absolute best! Give her the gift of confidence with our sensual lingerie and accessories. Whether she's looking for a new favorite bra, or a cheeky lace sleepwear set, we have endless options to meet her needs while making her smile! We personally recommend both of our Alexandra and Taylor set, along with our Naked Goddess Collection

   Don't forget to take a few minutes to write a card (or make one yourself!) letting her know just a few of the many things you personally love about her! Maybe even include a photo of you two together. It's a small gesture that never goes unnoticed. 

Pro Tip: Surprise her with breakfast (or brunch) in bed! She's always up and ready to go, a day of relaxation and quality time is appreciated. We shared our go-to recipe with you below!  Have a great day, and show mom how loved she is! 

Banana French Toast - Ready in 15 minutes - 6 slices
Ingredients: 1 banana, 1 egg, Spice Mix (a pinch of each ground: ginger, cloves, nutmeg), 2 tsp ground cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 6 slices bread (try challah!) 
1. Mash the banana in a shallow bowl with a fork; mix until most lumps disappear.
2. Scramble both eggs into the same bowl along with the spices and vanilla extract (add a splash of milk for a more hydrated texture).
3. Preheat griddle or frying pan to medium-high heat; Spray pan to prevent sticking.
4. Dip slices of bread in egg/spice mixture and transfer to heated pan.
5.Cook until golden brown; then flip to cook through. 
6. Add syrup, brown sugar, or fresh fruit to the plate, you're ready to eat!