Quarantine away from your babe can feel like FOREVER. But, there are plenty of irresistible ways to keep him interested, no matter how long you're stuck inside! 

   Our recent favorite has been capturing our own best angles! Slipping into your favorite lingerie set and snapping a few mirror selfies is such an empowering confidence booster. Admire your beautiful and alluring feminine energy! If you two have a strong foundation built on trust, it can be stimulating and sexy to exchange hot and heavy stories and photos.

   As long as you are over 18, and in a consensual relationship with your babe, sharing some steamy shots with sultry lighting or pretty poses can make you both feel as close as ever! Wearing his favorite color or something he's never seen before will be sure to get his heart racing. Talk a little dirty, bring out the pet names, and describe everything you love deeply about each other. Details are so important when telling your partner about your desires. Connecting through sexting is a great way to safely practicing social distancing, while intimately interacting with your favorite person!

Pro tip: The self-timer on your smartphone phone allows for a greater range of movement/poses and fun background changes (like our model above). 

We personally recommend our Jules, Desiree, and Sophia sets to impress! 

April 29, 2020 — Claudia Lomele