Being home alone for this long is getting tough! We wanted to make sure you had a few ideas to keep the spark alive! Texting all day is okay but were starting to miss skin on skin contact... opting for a phone call or FaceTime is even better! 

   Just hearing your partners voice and seeing their facial expressions make you feel closer. Talk about your day, your goals for the week... the sexy lingerie you're wearing... the more details you mention, the better the reaction! Grab your go-to toys and talk about your favorite parts of each other, what he does to you, and what you'd like to do to him! It's tempting to tease.

   Physical foreplay may not be an option, but there's still a way to the intimacy you're both craving. These connections will only make reuniting with each other even sweeter... and steamier! 

Pro Tip: Put on your favorite song, slip on a robe over your hottest set, and move your hips to the music! Answer the FaceTime and slowly strip away each layer... definitely encourage him to do the same! 

We personally recommend our Sabby, Barbara, and Alexandra sets to impress! 

April 29, 2020 — Claudia Lomele