There is no better present than the present you buy yourself. We often scourer our favorite stores for hours, picking out things we’ll purchase “one day” when we have an actual reason.

Well we have a reason for you—because your worth it. Splurge on yourself. Buy the pieces of lingerie you said “one day” to. Better yet, buy the pieces you never thought you needed—those are often the best.

In life, there are few things as great as looking at yourself in lingerie. Wether it can be seen or not, wearing beautiful foundational pieces can entirely affect and alter your outward appearance and inner confidence. By knowing how sexy you look underneath your work clothes or loungewear, you’ll find yourself slyly smiling throughout the day at your little secret.

Splurge on the fun pieces you never let yourself buy. They are instant mood boosters under an outfit (especially strappy pieces and harnesses!) and the look on a lovers face when you surprise them with something new and exciting will be all the more worth it.

At the end of a long day, you can stand in front of the mirror, undress, and be dazzled by the beauty you’ve been exuding all day.



Colette & Sebastian 

January 10, 2019 — Colette & Sebastian