We get it, lingerie shopping isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes it can be hard to find pieces that make us feel sexy and confident when were not wearing much else than some lace and straps—yet this defeats the very purpose of what lingerie is meant to be.

These pieces are intimate, not meant for anyone but yourself. Sure, they’re also meant to be showed off and enjoyed by the eyes of others, but more importantly, lingerie is an extension of your inner and sexual self. It’s how you express yourself sexually, encapsulating the yin and yang of your feminine delicacy with your strength.

Splurge on the pieces that speak to you. Embrace how they hug your curves and glide along the lines of your form. Choose the colors that speak to you and make you feel something. Appreciate the luxurious lace against your skin. No one can work it better than you can.

Your body is strong, powerful, and beautiful. Never be afraid to own it, or to decorate it with some beautiful lingerie.


Colette & Sebastian

January 10, 2019 — Colette & Sebastian