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If you are a bit closer to the subject of lingerie and lingerie, you will notice over the course of time that dozens of new lingerie brands are founded each year, which are often never heard again after a promising first collection. Many years later one stumbles over a small message in a specialist magazine, whose content is the sang and soundless attitude of the mark due to lack of economic success. In many, I think, "Well, the designer has not reinvented the designer," so the loss for the lingerie world is very predictable.

Then there are again debutant lingerie brands that, with their style and the high demands on their own work, present surprising lingerie and where I am curious about the ideas with which the next collection will surprise. This category includes Colette & Sebastian from New York. I found Colette & Sebastian on Instagram. Although, would be more correct: Colette has found BH-World and has written me about Instagram. Colette Khalil is not only the founder of the company, but also the founder, designer and CEO in personnel. And it soon becomes clear, Colette is an absolute power woman.



C & S is launched in January and the collection already has 200 parts and four different styles. With this knowledge, it is also not surprising that a selection of brass bracelets, which are impressive for a debut collection, can be found from the full cup to push-up, bralette and the demi cup bra.

Under "The classic collection" are lingerie of Italian lace, elaborate embroidery and refined cuts. As the name suggests, the classic collection is lingerie in the classical sense. The models are reminiscent of the boudoir style of the 1950s, but they are very modern and by no means boring or vintage . Delicate lace overlays and ribbons give the collection a romantic touch. The Classic Collection is wash, which gives the wearer a special feeling of seduction and sexiness and is nevertheless conceived as Every Day Lingerie. Together with the matching garter belt, the bra set from the morning becomes a seductive top lingerie set for an exciting evening.



Pure Temptation is the all-day line of C & S, which means that the cuts are designed for comfortable wearing comfort and feeling. Floral patterned lace and subtle embroidery adorn bras, tangas, thongs, and briefs, giving the sets a charming Bourdouir style look. The sets of Pure Temptation belong to that kind of lingerie, which can be worn not only as daywear, but also worn under a evening robe is a top choice. If you like beautiful all-rounder lingerie in the clothes drawer, Pure Temptation will have lots of fun. The sets are available in the classic colors of white, black and nude as well as seasonal colors- and this is the lovers' stockings - a set of matching socks is also offered.



"Colette Noir" is the line for the lover of Fifty Shades of Gray. If you are looking for sinful bras with deep insights and bodies in the bondage style, C & S's first collection will surprise you. The sexy lingerie in the modern lace look guarantees exciting moments even in the most miserable bedroom. The delicate touch of nothing underlines the feminine curves and shows more than it conceals. For me, Colette is the strongest line of C & S and can easily compete with the luxury lingerie of Mise en Cage or Bordelle. Lovers of bondage lingerie are likely to have found a new favorite with C & S Noir.

I would describe the cross-collection style of Colette & Sebastain with modern interpreted Bourdoir. From the playful wedding dress from white lace to the seductively red, sexy lingerie, C & S's first collection offers a surprisingly wide range of exciting ladies' underwear.

A visit to the Colette & Sebastian online store is not only worthwhile, but also the European Union (C & S). The many great fashion photos are also fun to get through and convey confidently the claim of the brand to establish itself in the upper segment. The website provides a professional image and you can hardly believe that Brand and Online shop has been online since the beginning of the year.



But the most lasting impression came from the person behind me. Colette Khalil is a young New Yorker in her twenties who moved to Florence for a year after studying economics, where she discovered her love for art, Europe and fashion. After her return, she decided to make her newly discovered passion for her profession and create her own lingerie brand. And two years later, she is now the boss and owner of Colette & Sebastian and lays straight to the start with three completely different collections and a total of 200 parts. In the interview, I asked Colette if it would not be difficult to switch from studying economics to glamorous fashion. She said no, she was just beside the construction of Colette & Sebastian. 



In conversation, Colette told me that her entrepreneurial model and mentor was her father, who was also a successful business man and her inspiration for her collection was getting her outside the door. New York is colorful, a colorful mix of cultures, art and lifestyles. She expresses her special love for Italy with the use of Italian laces.

I really want Colette to be a big success with Colette & Sebastian and we will see many exciting and sexy lingerie made by Colette in the next years. But in the success combination beautiful Lingerie, Power Woman, New York and Bella Italia can not go wrong.


Colette and Sebastian 

Interview by BH-Wolrd

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January 10, 2019 — Colette & Sebastian