Intimate apparel carries a sense of luxury and a befitting style statement. Perched on the edge of high class and highly awe-inspiring beauty, it gives birth to a woman’s innate desire to be bold and powerful. An ambitious, intimate style statement enraptures the very feminine desires that allow her to be blessed with courage, beauty, and inspiration, and she becomes the ultimate muse. The personal, intimate style tears up the established rulebook in the pursuit of the sublime. Each collection speaks of the modern-day marvel of a woman who shares her passion with her intimate companion that carries her within. Lingerie to a woman hugs her till eternity and blooms her love for adolescence, similar to how her body matures.

Lingerie to every woman-Colette’s unique statement of style

The female goddesses come in all shapes and sizes. Colette’s perseverance establishes through its search for lingerie that hugs and kisses every body type perfectly. She has built a new foundation for a design that is eclectic and awe-inspiring.  Her keen eye for confidence transverses each collection under her Colette & Sebastian brand and appeals to the modern-day marvel of a woman, both feminine and empowering. The appeal rewards your body through beautiful lingerie that becomes the sole source of confidence and attraction.  You don’t have to be a model to look and feel beautiful in your lingerie. Whether you’re a seasoned hand in all things silky or a beginner filled with trepidation, there are some guidelines that we have listed for you to be uniquely inspired by the creations in the lingerie world. It’s a step to help you get ready to feel beautiful every day!

1) Tight fit is the right fit

It is essential to feel comfortable to feel confident when in your underthings. Make sure your lingerie offers you a tight fit to support your bust for the right fit. Choosing the correct bust size followed by a complementing cup size gives you a confident overall appeal. Wearing the tight and right-sizing style will make your undergarment support you to the fullest as seemingly small changes that go unmeasured can affect the bra size you pick for your body type. 

2) Never get hung on your numbers

Embracing the actual size is what gets the deal right when it comes to undergarments, especially lingerie. A professional bra fitting means the actual size. You have been well aware of the band and cup sizes for years, so you can never get hung on your numbers. Getting yourself the right size helps you discover more suitable options for your cup type and band size.

3) Your style gets you going 

Lingerie is not just about garter belts and thigh-high stockings- it’s a way to express your sensual side.  Every woman carries a different hot style and needs to adapt to it to invest in quality staples shortly. A lace nude and black proves the best choice to counter all other pre-dominant style statements in the lingerie world.  Cheeky panties and garter belts can help you garnish your lingerie style to the best of its abilities.

4) Attraction is always the primary source of encouragement

Wear it for yourself and wear it for others. Make sure you have a style statement that appeals to others the same way it appeals to you. Wearing colossal undergarments reinforces a strongly positive view about oneself and provides a way to express your individuality and uniqueness. The message to you and the world should be loud and clear and states that you are worth it.

5) Get the proper support and shape 

Bras are never created with identical stitching patterns, and so they become your unique embellishments to support and shape your breasts in the proper manner. Lingerie are adorned with uniquely stylish fabrics (lace and silk) stitched with intricate, timeless, beautiful patterns, and each lingerie type comes with a preferred detailing. The fixed contour cups to shoulder traps are evenly sewn for an outlined wearing pattern. Choose not just your design but the correct shape to get you an excellent body-hugging in intimate areas.  

 Shop at Colette and Sebastian and get the ball rolling with curated lingerie styles and a great collection to share the passion and uniquely inspired creations with the world.  Each collection speaks to a woman’s innate desires: bold, alluring, beautiful, inspiring, and powerful