Garter and suspender belts complete the full luxury lingerie set of sexy. “Garter belt” is used more often in terms of American English, and “suspender belt” usually found in British English but they are the same item.
Suspender belts have a lot of history in women’s wardrobe. They date all the way back to the 14th century and have evolved greatly into the stunning accessory we adore today in the 21st! Definitely a great idea for a fancy night out. They are used to hold up stockings, which provides an added polished and alluring look – Especially when paired with lacy or sheer lingerie like in our Allegra 3-piece set. When dressing up for a special occasion a garter belt is a sultry surprise to hide underneath either for yourself or for later in the night with your lover! They do take a bit of time to put on when getting ready but are well worth the stunning reveal.
red lace garter belt
To start, ensure your belt fits at the small of your waist. It is common to want it to fall at the hip area, but the design is actually meant to accentuate the smallest part of your curvy, feminine form! One-size fits all may be available, but it is best for your shape to opt for an adjustable or sized suspender belt option! It is great if your belt has a couple of sets of hooks also, to adjust as closely as possible.
Many of our Colette & Sebastian garter belts are available in narrow or wide based on your personal preference. If you are planning to wear your garter all day under clothing, a wider and smoother belt is often suggested for added comfort and functionality like Allegra Wide Garter Belt on our site. If you’ll be wearing the suspender belt only for late nights hours, you can opt for a narrower, flirty lace option like our Alexandra Lace Suspender! Fasten the back closures as desired at your natural waist. Turning the belt around to the front just for setting the hook and eye may be easiest too!
Next, we’ll get your hot hosiery on securely! It is best to avoid any sharp nails, or body moisturizers/oils when handling your stockings. You can use two hosiery types with a suspender: garter stockings (which need the clips to hold them up) or stay-up stockings (which yes, stay up on their own regardless!). Stockings are different from tights or pantyhose as they only cover the legs as opposed to the entire hip area.
It is best to sit down for this step as stockings are often quite delicate. Bunch up or roll up the stocking at your foot, and gently….. very gently, ease or roll the stocking back up to the thigh. Taking extra care will ensure they will not tear!
Most belts will have around 4-6 hanging straps to secure to the top of your stockings. It is best to be standing up at this time, as the straps will need to be adjusted accordingly in length. A bit longer in the back so you can bend and move freely, and shorter on the front/sides to keep your stockings tightly secured.
You will find rubber clasps at the end of each strap, these clips often have cute ribbons on the end for decoration too. Place the rubber piece underneath the top of your stocking, and the metal or plastic loop/circle will be on the other side facing outwardly, where that pretty bow often sits. The rubber is soft enough to hold up your hosiery without ripping the thin material. Slowly slide the widest part of the circle to meet the rubber piece on the opposite side, to secure the closure. Continue connecting each strap to your stay-ups or stockings this way.
Finally, we’ll complete the look with a sexy thong, sheer briefs, or lacy bikini! Some ladies wearing their 3-piece set out on the town or for a longer period of time, will opt to add panties over their garter belt. This will make getting dressed a bit more seamless after using the restroom. If adding over, the clasps will need to be undone to remove the underwear. Of course, if you prefer to add panties underneath the belt instead, this is perfect too! 
Lace black garter belt
Go without panties at all for an even cheekier and playful night. It’s a fun surprise to snap a couple of Polaroids of your set to slip into your lover’s bag for the next morning. After a quick peek in the mirror, you’ll want to get fancied up way more often. We definitely recommend buying a few garter belt styles or colors and really trying them out for yourself!
strappy garter belt
October 28, 2021 — Colette Khalil