Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you have to become a new women. This year, instead of resolving to change yourself or become someone new, choose to be you.

Use this year to dive deeper into exploring your sexuality. Women hold many powers within yours.

Use your lingerie collection to empower and drive you into new territory. Grab a partner...or go solo (you really don’t need a man after all), and get dressed up in your sexiest ensemble. Taking sexy mirror pics, let your beauty shine from within you.

Think about all of your wildest fantasies and desires. Release you inhibitions...don’t let them remain fantasies any longer.

Treat yourself, take yourself on a date, buy yourself lingerie thats as sensual as you are. Only date men who recognize your value and bow down to you like the goddess you are.

Spend your last few minutes of 2018 and first few minutes of 2019 being a total vixen. Go out with a bang and 2019 will only offer bigger and better ;)



Colette & Sebastian 

January 10, 2019 — Colette & Sebastian