Lingerie is an extremely sensual gift for a man to buy a women—its beautiful, luxurious, and get’s everyone thinking about putting it to use. Unfortunately, buying lingerie is not as simple as buying a pair of shoes. Luckily, however, it is not as complicated as most men would believe.

Forget everything you’ve read or heard about “the fruit analogy”. Your girlfriend/wife’s boobs are not apples nor oranges. And lets face it, your not much of a fruit expert are you?

Let’s make this way simpler—be a peeper. No, not actually. But, it’s probably safe to assume that at some point in time you will have access to a pair of her panties or a bra, wether you have to break into her lingerie drawer or sneak a peak when she takes her bra off. Either way, utilize any access you might have to the lingerie she currently owns and wears.

Once you have the size sorted out, its time to narrow down the search. Decide what type of theme you want to follow. Here’s a list of questions you should ask yourself, particularly in this order. If you’re able to provide a solid answer for most of them, you will find yourself with the ideal lingerie gift for your partner.

(1) First decide if you want to buy her a novelty set or something a bit more practical—is it for play or would you rather get something she can wear often? If your buying something more for pleasure than practicality, you have a bit more freedom as to what to buy, although it does help to know what styles she currently owns as it means she probably likes those best on her.

(2) What styles does she currently wear or own? By seeing what styles she has most of (bonus if you know which ones she wears most often, especially if you know her favorite one!), you can tell what shapes and silhouettes she likes best on her body or tends to favor.

Push-up or cup-less Lined or unlined
Thong or G-string
Brief or Tanga

(3) Finally, consider color and design. Consider what colors she wears most often, as these are 
probably the colors that look best on her or that she likes the best. Consider her personal as a guide for the design of the pieces—minimalism or eccentric? Bold or muted?

Scarlet Bodysuit 

After following our guide you should have successfully picked out a lingerie present she is sure to love. Hope you can handle what follows...If you still need help email us we would love to assist you 


Colette & Sebastian