You know what the best black Friday plans are….staying in, avoiding the cold, and getting a little flirty under some warm blankets. Just a whole day to do nothing except roll around in your underwear, make sure you’re wearing something super sexy to keep your playmate entertained and on their toes all day! We recommend something they’ll want to take off as soon as you put it on;)
But don’t let this precious time go to waste,—slip on a sultry robe (malia robe), grab your laptop and a cup of coffee. Cozy up next to the fireplace and begin your holiday shopping (which can include yourself too because…hey, we all deserve to be well treated). 
Treat yourself (and your partner) by buying yourself a new set or harness, possibly one even more risqué lingerie than you’re used to to really give them a gift. If your looking for something to gift someone else, consider a gift card. It will give her a reason to pick out a new beautiful piece of lingerie and really appreciate and celebrate herself. It’s intimate, elegant, and so thoughtful. 
Holiday stress usually kicks in right around black Friday, so we want to help put an end to it this year. Lingerie, wether for yourself or a friend, checks off all the boxes of the perfect gift; personal, luxurious, and always appreciated.
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Colette & Sebastian
November 23, 2018 — Colette & Sebastian