The modern woman is anything but boring. To fit your risqué needs, we have introduced the Anastasia Suspender Belt to our Colette Noir collection.

It can be our little secret if you decide to wear this under your dress.

Pair it with your favorite set from the Colette Noir collection and Mimi Bondage Garter to excite like never before. Some even like to wear the Mimi Bondage Garter as a choker for a more fashionable look.

Mimi Bondage Garter

My personal favorite set to pair it with right now is the Valentina bra and thong. The straps of each piece from this collection add detail to your figure and highlight all of its best parts.

Valentina Bra & Thong

This suspender belt could even be paired with your favorite lace bra, thong, and stocking. Still adding some edge to your look, but keeping that romantic look as well. I like to pair it with the Alexandra Bra and Thong from our Pure Temptation’s collection.

Just remove your Alexandra Suspender Belt and replace it with the Anastasia instead.

Alexandra Bra and Thong

It might look intimidating to some, but it can be a huge confidence boost to experiment with different lingerie styles. And for all the lingerie lovers, your collection is definitely not complete without this suspender belt.

Anastasia Suspender Belt



Colette & Sebastian 

August 06, 2018 — Colette & Sebastian