It has happened!
The big day has passed!
You are MARRIED. Congratulations :)


This is a moment that has been building up for months, and you, your hubby, and probably many others put countless hours into making sure the day was perfect.

Now you get to reward yourselves by taking a much needed vacation together away from all the wonderful craziness that just occurred.


Regardless of how much you two may have travelled together in the past, the fun and special part of this one in particular is it is your first vacation as a married couple. So get playful with each other! There are no rules here, this time is about cherishing you both and celebrating your official beginning together.


Now more than ever you have the ultimate excuse to rip each other’s clothes off at any time of day.

Depending on your personal style, there are literally endless styles and colors to choose from when choosing how to tease your man, so here are a few of Colette & Sebastian’s favorites.


Looking for something neutral but still beautiful to pair well under your light summer wardrobe? Try a neutral such as the Adriana Set. The neutral tone pairs well against the skin when factoring in any lighter colored or sheer clothing, and it’s a subtle sexiness you both can enjoy.



If you are favoring a darker seductive look separate from your sweeter side during the wedding, you may fall in love with the Elise Set. This set is perfect for your first date night as a married couple. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you need to loose those flirty seductive qualities that made you two crazy for each other in the first place.


Last but certainly not least we have one of our favorite late night sets (this was a hard choice). When its safe to say neither of you plan on going back out for the remainder of the day, this is the opportunity to show your crazier side to him, and tease him beyond belief.

For this we recommend the Coco bodysuit – you may choose to pair this with a bra and panty set, or nothing at all. The choice is yours.



What would you wear your first night together?



Colette & Sebastian