Olivia Tanga

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There really is nothing like the satisfaction of popping the cork from a cold bottle of champagne. What's even better? Adorning yourself in lingerie that is nothing shy of an ode to a perfectly poured glass of bubbly. The Olivia thong offers an adornment to your body that you can't pass up. Because who would pass up for a hip hugging, come-hither thong like this? The barely-there silhouette allows no room for suggestion, the lace scallops brushing against the skin to accentuate all of the right curves of your body. Perfect as an undergarment for anything you're looking to reveal, Olivia's architecture anchors the thing against the body, hugging everything in just the right places. The neutral palette is garnished with gorgeous old-fashioned lace, and the classic shape suggests a compelling architecture. The scalloped trim is just what you need to top yourself off. Consider yourself noticed.

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