Madison Unlined Balconette Bra

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Black and Gold
There is something to say for seductive little twist on a classic taste. Superbly soft lace has just the right amount of sheer in Madiosn's symmetry, but there is nothing modest about this set of boldly seductive lingerie that adorns your body an exquisite trail of flowers and lace. The scallop lace follows every contour of your body, all the way to the wings of the bra, adorning you in the most striking and beholding way that no other piece of lingerie has. With its scalloped edges meant to peek beyond whatever sheer top you deiced to wear and the delicate shape of the cups with just the right amount of plunge, this balconette will take care to leave nothing ignored when it comes to decorating your body. Adjustable straps that bolster the scalloped lined cups hold such a perfect feminine silhouette true while doing all they can to divulge some of your best assets. With the just sheer enough, filmy fabric you can leave just enough to be desired.

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