Lila Thong

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Biege and Black
There are ways to be enticing. There are ways to be enchanting. But engaging is a whole different story. With Lila you can be the kind of woman that doesn't just harmlessly tease from the outskirts. Be one that is approachable, that starts the conversation and does so in the most subtle of ways. You don't always have to be loud to be heard. Be riveting in the way you hold yourself. The Lila thong can adorn you in that very way. This charming little thong with her stunning soft lace has just the right amount of sheer while also giving you a beautiful homage to your body, the thong rests above the hips with plush, tender straps that allow the beautiful lace to add some cheekiness to your backside. Finished with scallop lace the triangle of lace, the detailing ads a subtle, delicate touch to complete such a lovely set that skims your body like a petal on the surface of a still lake. Don't leave anything to the imagination. If you have been searching for a classically elegant yet effortlessly wearable thong, Lila is your perfect fit.

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