Juliette Unlined Plunge Bra

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Just as we are able to pick out the brightest star in the sky, you'll become the north star for any lucky contender in the Juliette unlined t-shirt bra. A classic undertaking to an original look, Juliette looks her best at night. What is exceptional about this collection is the lustrous, scallop lace that cascades over the planes of your skin. Lifting and nudging in all of the right places, it leaves nothing to the imagination. Narrow spaced cups and subtle lace overlay lays perfectly on your body. The scallop lace follows every contour of your frame, all the way to the wings of the bra, adorning you in the most striking and beholding way that no other piece of lingerie has. The impeccable silhouette will sit so naturally on your body with the authentic and divine scallops lace, it is no wonder we are inspired by the most natural beauty and you will become a classic. It's nothing short of a small miracle.

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